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How do I place a classified ad to run in the printed edition of the newspaper or the Pittsburgh Pennysaver?

Click here to find out more about placing classified ads in our printed publications

Where are the job listings?

Only the job listings that are printed in the Pennysaver appear on Classifieds

All of our job listings that appeared in the Tribune-Review and our other daily newspapers are are at in partnership with Yahoo! Hot Jobs. At that site, you can browse listings from the paper and jobs posted directly from employers, apply for jobs online, and also upload your resume.

How can I place a free Online-Only Ad on this web site?

To place your ad for free, first you must become a member of the site. Click here to register. Then just click the "Place An Ad" button at the top of all of our pages.

Please note that we do NOT accept employment advertising on this website. Any employment ads posted on this site will be removed. To advertise your open positions, you can in one of our printed publications

How do I work the favorites?

In order to create a print list, you must become a member of the site. When you log-in, you’ll see a link on every ad that says "Add to favorites" with a heart icon. After you’ve added listings to your favorites, you can view & print them by clicking on the “Favorites” link in the navigation bar next to your username. Listings will stay in your favorites until you remove them or when they expire.

I created an account. But why haven't I received a validation e-mail to log into my account?

Some e-mail providers such as AOL and Yahoo! block e-mail from our servers. Please contact us via the contact form. Give us your e-mail address & username so we can help you complete your registration. Don't forget to look in your spam folder for the validation e-mail. Make sure your e-mail account accepts all mailing coming from

I don't know my e-mail or username

Visit our password retrieval page and we will e-mail you both your username & password. If you do not receive this e-mail, please contact us via our contact form and provide a password you'd like to use. Some e-mail providers block our e-mail from the site, but we can reset your password for you manually.

My online ads aren’t showing up or are marked as in-active. How can I activate them?

The posting process is a multi-step process and most likely you did not complete all of the steps. In order to activate an ad you did not complete:

1. Log into the web site
2. Click on “manage your ads” in the navigation bar
3. Click on the “manage” button next to the ad you need to finish
4. Go through the entire process again all the way until the end

What type of photo(s) may I add to a free listing?

* You may enhance your listing with up to 3 photos
* Accepted image formats are GIF,JPG,JPEG,BMP,PNG
* Maximum file size is 1 megabyte (mb)
* The maximum width or height is 1,500 pixels

I have a question not listed here.

Please use our contact form and somebody will get back to you right away with an answer.

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